Not Pictured

One of my aims with this blog was to document a little bit more about our real life this year, not so much the polished version. We all know the social media version of our friends, family, celebrities, bloggers et al. only tells you so much, the bits they want you to see and the story they want to tell about life, often photographed and scheduled in advance; and yet still it’s too easy to get drawn into the belief that everyone’s day-to-day is picture-perfect and instagram-ready; especially when people share so much.

I’m guilty, too, of perpetuating this collective lie, if only through trying to continually improve the quality of my photos, and habitually unfollowing accounts with poorly composed but more realistic snaps. I thought I would take a minute to tell you what wasn’t pictured for some of my recent snaps.

Photo 25-01-2016, 07 38 20

Sunrise over Windsor.

Not pictured: the aeroplane trails that slash across the sky hint at what a pain it can sometimes be living so close to the UK’s biggest airport. On most days its fine, sometimes (when the wind changes) we are woken to screaming air-brakes at 4.30am, and live with relentless thunder above our roof until midnight. Also, this picture was taken whilst trotting from dropping A at nursery (she didn’t want to go) to make my 75 minute commute into the city for a meeting that was cancelled at the last minute.

Photo 27-01-2016, 11 16 03

Retro skis for a craft project with T.

Not pictured: The 1 hour round car trip to collect them after my eBay purchase, the fact that they are destined to be made into a ‘shot ski’, rather than a cutesy vintage garden installation.

Photo 27-01-2016, 12 31 13

A typical lunch.

Not pictured: The 2 cakes and chocolate biscuit I inhaled after this relatively nutritious meal.

Photo 27-01-2016, 16 10 47

Splashing in puddles with A.

Not pictured: The tantrum she threw about going for a walk in the first place (the umbrella was to persuade her), the tantrum she threw when we got back because she wanted to watch TV/eat cake/be carried around whilst I cooked her tea.

Photo 27-01-2016, 14 01 13

An impromptu spot of baking.

Not pictured: Perhaps not the prettiest of bakes, but nonetheless the result of 3 iterations after the first two recipes failed. I still ate them, I have limited willpower.


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