Gifts of February

We cram a lot into the shortest month – along with the usual festivals, we have family birthdays and our wedding anniversary to celebrate. This year was especially big with T’s 40th and my brother’s 30th within days of each other. With so many special occasions, you’ll understand that we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day – we already have enough love to fill February!


This February,  though, I really rediscovered the joy of gift-giving. Having fallen into a rut of asking people what they want, I started to get a little more creative; finally putting my stash of pretty papers, re-purposed ribbons and up-cycled string to use.


In part inspired by the kindness project #WinterTimeSurpriseProject run each season by Capture by Lucy (who I met at a food photography workshop), I’ve tried to make my presents creative, putting in more effort, and personal touches that say something about me and the recipient. Here’s what we created for our Star Wars & Gin-loving gift-swap partner:


And then there were the big occasions, that you want to mark with something significant, but not necessarily expensive. For T’s big birthday there was a surprise trip (more about which to follow in my next blog), and some family artwork commissioned from talented Blanka Biernat who I found on  etsy.


Our 4th Wedding anniversary was stranded mid-week immediately after our trip, but we still marked the occasion with traditional fruit and flowers, and a recipe from our wedding day dinner.


I’ve enjoyed the fun of giving so much in February, the anticipation of the reaction to a gift more than receiving one in return; but I have also been delighted with wonderful parcels of colour just for me. Bring on March with more birthday fun, Mothering Sunday, Easter and other presents, just because.


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