Makelight on Location

Every time I resolve to spend less time faffing on Instagram, photography teacher Emily Quinton designs something that calls to me.


Having taken her one day food styling and photography workshop last year, with the aim of improving my blog photography, I went on to do an online workshop to learn how to get more out of my camera. “That’s it” I told myself, “no more!” And then up popped an ‘on location’ day, not 15 minutes from my home. Ok, this really is the last one…


A lot had progressed in the meantime. Whereas I plodded through the previous lessons trying out all sorts of things (and looking back getting it so wrong lots of the time *cringe*!), nearly a year on I feel much surer of my style; and more recently clearer on what I’m actually spending all this time sharing and curating for. In fact, one of my highlights of this day glowing green in the gorgeous first summer sunshine was discussing the motivations and aims of photography with bloggers, stylists, and others just like me – hobbyists. What a pleasure to meet and find easy conversation with a group of like-minded women; some humble despite being social media gurus in their own right; others having so much in common with me. If nothing else it brought me a bit of clarity – fretting about social media likes and follows has no place for me in what is ultimately a personal project, to capture something of our way of life in a way I find appealing. And that’s ok!


And the day itself? What a luxury to spend some time just indulging in my latest favourite sport of ‘noticing things’! You might call it mindfulness these days, but that sounds like something altogether more calm than the way I want to drink in the details of the time I get away from my desk. That’s what my (very amateur) photography offers me.


The gorgeous home of our host was filled inside and out with whimsical details and perfectly gathered miscellany. There was a vintage bedstead under a willow tree and I loved it! A mile away from our personal love for bright minimalism. I used it as an opportunity to play with different styles, and practice spotting the details that appealed to me – the pops of colour, the gorgeously presented food. I finally found a justification for the reclaimed flower pots I’d been lusting after in the garden centre – gluten free flowerpot bread will be on the menu soon! (Sorry T, maybe I am a hoarder at heart!).


So is that really the last one? Just as I resolve that I notice plans for a course on capturing family life, just as I plan to invest in a new camera to get better pictures of A, and some family occasions coming up. Oh dear, I really am a target market, aren’t I?!

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