A family wedding in Oxford

Long in the making, last weekend saw my brother D’s wedding to his partner of some 10 years, K. Often, after getting married, people will ask you if it feels different. I’m fairly sure both will answer this question without hesitation ‘not really’, because their relationship is already a fixture in the family, combining just the right mix of independence and clear devotion; but nonetheless you can’t match the glow and unconscious smiles that come from making things ‘official’, and spending a wonderful day in the company of family and friends to celebrate love and happiness.


Appropriately, they planned their beautiful day near their first joint home in Oxford with their own fuss-free style and touches. A simple and pretty ceremony in the town hall culminating in warm applause and cheers like none I’ve heard before, followed by a boat ride on the Thames to their reception venue. Much to the excitement of our daughter, A, she was a flower girl and wore an uncharacteristically pretty dress (hiding a few last chicken pox spots!). “My wedding!” she told everyone gleefully, and took her responsibilities as seriously as you could hope a 2-year-old to, becoming very possessive over her flower basket, and greeting the bride at the top of the aisle with “there’s K!” to laughter.



The reception was held at the Isis Farmhouse, named from this section of the Thames, it was a tumbledown house and open-sided barn surrounded by wildflower meadows on one side, and bordered by a tranquil stretch of the river on the other. The dreamy exposed bricks, rusty fences, peeling paint and ramshackle outbuildings were this instagrammer’s dream!

D & K added their own touches, namely beautiful garden flowers in vintage jars styled by a family friend, bunting (of course), and plenty of umbrellas in defence against the light showers that passed through. There was also Aunt Sally to play (an old Oxfordshire game where you try to knock a dolly from a poll with wooden sticks whilst dodging a toddler)



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP6110191.JPGWith a whole field full of babysitters on hand, I had a little photography fun with my family for some portraits. LOVE my new camera!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith a big group of family reunited for the first time in years, there were of course emotional moments as those who weren’t there were remembered in speeches and anecdotes.

When, at last, A admitted defeat and snoozed (in the rain, bad mummy); time for silly dancing and drinks.


Congratulations, D & K, on such a beautiful day filled with fun and happiness, and hope you have a wonderful honeymoon!

I have put my photos on dropbox for family members, ping me for the link if you’d like it!


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