Colours of Rhodes

A whole 2 weeks on holiday! This hadn’t happened in recent memory. Old B would have balked at the prospect of so long in one place, but this break was really needed; besides which, with so many things to keep us busy against a scorching Grecian backdrop of blue, turquoise and vivid pink, 2 weeks just flew by.

Photo 01-07-2016, 13 30 27


It was in fact a week of strange emotions: the high of days in the blistering sun stretching ahead of us and decisions no more stressful than which incredible dessert to eat that evening, tempered by the few fractious moments with a toddler disorientated by the heat; and, of course, the surprisingly high emotions as we and other British holidaymakers woke half way through to the news of Brexit – that was one iPad-glued day by the pool, with Brits looking shame-faced at their European compadres, and couples from cross-European countries hugging each other in disbelief about what this could mean for their identity.


Each holiday I try to make a little photo book of memories for A, with a story about the holiday. This year’s is about endless fun in the splash pool, trying kayaking for the first time, and day trips to scorching hot old towns with vivid colours and enchanting vignettes at every turn.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWOW_4439Photo 26-06-2016, 09 27 27IMG_8910

For us, it was chance to unwind. Before having children we might have scoffed at parents putting their kids in the creche – “what’s the point in having children if you aren’t going to spend time with them?” I might have remarked under my breath to T. But experience has taught us that we are only of limited entertainment value to a 2-year-old when compared with paints, toys, and the boundless energy of a seasonnaire nursery manager. We also need a break too – the chance to get engrossed in a book for the first time all year, or to play in the water without being on danger-watch for a toddler with a death-wish. For a couple of hours each day we indulged in windsurfing, kayaking, photography or just sitting.


Like all of our holidays, we tried to make it balanced. So there was lots of hearty but nutritious food, and some kind of exercise or activity every day; but there were also icecreams by the pool, pudding and wine most nights over cards with friends. It’s nice to come back from a holiday feeling refreshed, physically as well and mentally; having created some lovely memories as a family.

Photo 21-06-2016, 17 56 13IMG_8730Photo 18-06-2016, 07 45 56

We stayed at the Mark Warner Levante Beach resort in Rhodes, with British Airways flights from Heathrow. We took day trips to Lemnos and Rhodes Old Town.

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