Christmas Inspiration: Mini Gluten Free Gingerbread Houses

It’s got a bit foodie around here lately, hasn’t it? What with baking contests, culinary conferences and the latest instalment in my journey towards being a foodie Instagrammer extraordinaire (the world can never have enough snaps of people’s breakfast); I have a camera card full of delicious things, and it seems an awful waste not to share them all!

Today, not something I can claim credit for *at all* but something of a festive trend doing the rounds on the blogosphere (you can even buy a kit from Lakeland); those adorable tiny gingerbread houses that clip onto the side of your coffee mug.


When we were children, my mum would make a large gingerbread house each Christmas, which would form the centre of a game where winners were allowed to demolish and eat a portion. We’re hosting Christmas Day this year so I was keen to put my own spin on the tradition.

Of course this meant creating my own version of the mini-houses, and using them as the subject of photos for homemade Christmas cards this year, so apologies if you got a Christmas card from us – here’s those little houses again!


What’s different about my version? Well of course they are gluten free (for me) and dairy free (for A); other than that I borrowed inspiration with pride from across the interwebs. If you scroll to the end I have created a pin-able image and a little Pinterest board to inspire you if you would like to create your own, plus linked to relevant recipes and templates.



Pin me for later, and scroll to the end for more decoration ideas from around the interweb!


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