A’s Winter Solstice Birthday

Our daughter, A was born in the early hours of the Winter Solstice; which at the time wasn’t very meaningful for me, but retrospectively I like the symbolism of the growing light after her birthday.


Of course, for a 3 year old, this means a frightening merge of birthday, Christmas and New Year celebrations into almost a fortnight of celebrations, presents, visiting friends and family; and this year, more sweet foods and treats than she’s ever encountered in her small life.


We kept things relatively low key for her special day: brunch with a local friend, and a visit to the pantomime – Jack and the Beanstalk, of which the booming Brian Blessed giant was the highlight for my confident little one (whilst other children cowered behind seats).

Then a brief visit from grandparents, where there was, of course, a cake – decorated blue and yellow by A’s request. I added a sunshine topper for our solstice baby (her favourite bed time song is “You are my Sunshine”) and some special iced gems which she got to share with her pre-school friends.





At 3, A is confident and sociable – approaching other (older) children with ease and inviting them to play; caring and concerned for others; and endlessly talking and conversing with anyone who will join in. She loves to play doctor, to care for her soft toys and place them in bed, to make up and sing songs or tell stories about the people she knows. She doesn’t have much time for toys, preferring to join in with the family tasks at home, or put on a costume and facepaint. She still reluctantly walks and rarely runs; although is often moved to literally jump with excitement in her heavy-footed little way.

Happy birthday little sunshine! Here’s to another year of fun and adventures.


Cake details:

  • I used the Delicious Alchemy cake mix for a vanilla sponge
  • My go-to dairy free buttercream is the one on Iced Gem Bakes. Yes you really do need that much sugar to make it work!
  • The iced gems were made with the Free From Fairy biscuit recipe, and an egg free royal icing recipe from Wallflower Kitchen.
  • The cake topper was homemade with a skewer, some coloured card and washi tape 😉

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