Easter Weekend 2017

I think I like Easter more than Christmas. There’s the same opportunity to gather and feast, but not only is it more delightfully colourful, it feels considerably less pressured (not to mention less expensive!). With our 4 day weekend coming hot on the heels of our 5 days in Valencia it also seems like I haven’t worked in weeks – and actually I think I needed this break, so long as I blind-eye the emails and to-do list stacking up. My body is taking every other day to really protest at the demands of a growing baby bump, an increasingly energetic preschooler and my own picture-perfect cook-from-scratch and exercise-like-I-mean-it ambitions.

Photo 08-04-2017, 10 42 11Photo 10-04-2017, 10 42 13

A and I injected a few pops of colour to our house as soon as we returned from our holiday, and she didn’t let me forget that she wanted to make biscuits for Grampy (“because he likes biscuits”). At special request we did a “not healthy” variety whilst T was out on a big bike ride. We followed my go-to vanilla biscuit and royal icing recipe by Free From Fairy. Gluten free for me, egg/dairy free for A, and plenty of sugar for Grampy. A and I had a few disagreements over the colour and quantity of icing (as well as the number that should be sampled), but she is getting so good at carefully cutting the shapes, following instructions and LOVES to help with the washing up at the end!

Photo 15-04-2017, 17 52 54Photo 15-04-2018

I’m excited that my edible violas from last year are still growing strong despite (or perhaps because of) my neglect. We planted some seeds for a whole variety of herbs and more blooms, which we have enjoyed seeing pop up through the week. We re-potted them on Easter morning – hopefully soon to adorn future baking projects!

On Easter Sunday itself (“is it Easter Day today?” came the question every morning for a week) I made a hasty, bleary-eyed hunt in the cold garden for A after a last minute request. She found all of the letters of the word ‘EASTER’ from our banner – ok except for the second ‘E’ which I had mistakenly put back in the box. Woops.

She was justly rewarded with egg-shaped treats which I managed to hold her off eating until after a breakfast of rabbit-shaped toast with almond butter and berries. (I also got my first Easter egg from T which made me grin from ear to ear – and they say romance is dead!) A implored me not to go to the gym, so I enjoyed a little circuit of kettlebells and TRX in the (now sunny) garden whilst she got under my feet, then gave up to get dressed. The bunny dress had been waiting all week on the hanger ready! (It’s from Palava.co – I adore their things)

Photo 12-04-2017, 14 24 23Photo 16-04-2017, 08 27 49Photo 16-04-2017, 08 28 07

We were lucky that the sun defied the forecast and stuck around for a traditional trip to the ‘church’ (cough) with Grampy and Grandma, as well as a short stomp up to the Copper Horse in Windsor Great Park which was teaming with weekenders enjoying the spring colours.

Photo 16-04-2017, 12 59 57

Back, then, for a very late lunch celebrating all of my favourite spring foods. No time for styled snaps, but to give you a flavour of the flavours here are a few iPhone pictures of our table and menu:

The menu:

  • A salad of sundried tomatoes & ricotta wrapped in griddled courgette ribbons with pancetta (without the ricotta for A)
  • Roast rack of spring lamb with olives, tomatoes & crushed Jersey royals (recipe from Jamie Oliver) with new season asparagus, purple sprouting broccoli and rainbow chard in tahini sauce (recipe from Waitrose magazine)
  • ‘Easter mess’ – a dairy free chocolate easter egg filled with vanilla icecream and a mango sorbet ‘yolk’; with raspberry marshmallow, homemade mini macarons and mango ‘flowers’ (without the macaron for A)

Perhaps you can see why my stomach is a bit of a fight for space at the moment!

After these indulgences, a much gentler Sunday. The rainbow hunt at Savill Garden was coming to the end of a riot of colour, and we dodged the dark clouds to hunt down all of the letters. The combination of too much sugar and a late night caught up with A, and a belly full of baby caught up with me all so a bank holiday Monday afternoon of naps, pyjamas and films finished off a very worthy weekend!

Photo 16-04-2017, 10 31 05

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