February Everyday – A Video

I am currently taking an online film course with Xanthe Berkeley – a series of 12 monthly projects and challenges to tell stories from our year through film.

To kick start things I picked a month long challenge to film at least one clip every day. This was a great way to get into the habit of filming as opposed to photographing regularly and I very quickly started to get ideas about more interesting and slightly technically better ways to capture scenes, even with just the iPhone as my camera of choice.

Photo 18-02-2018, 15 40 45

February is always a busy month for us with family birthdays, our wedding anniversary and other occasions; but the thing I really liked about the project was capturing the everyday moments that might otherwise be lost to memory; the way A puts her coat on, the family meals we cook and eat together, the impromptu dressing up and bed-bouncing.

It’s amazing to see what we pack into a month without thinking about it – the number of cups of tea sipped, meals made, outings to the swings. Blog posts were written, recipes concocted and new foods tried between the beats and to the rhythm of our working and family weeks.

I love this little time capsule on the cusp of spring. A reminder of that month when the sunlight streamed into our room making it glow most days and the tulips and daffodils bloomed, welcoming colour into our first year as a family of four.



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