Bluebells at Fernygrove Farm

For the third year running, I took A for a walk to see the bluebells at Fernygrove Farm. Each year they open the copse (really a small wood) on the perimeter of one of their fields for charity. Last year, with fine weather, it was mobbed, and I waddled around heavily pregnant after marauding 3 year olds, more interested in collecting sticks than the sea of blue.

This year, A knew the form; and by chance the morning we had picked was the only sunny one in the first windy week of May.

Photo 01-05-2018, 14 17 38

We were more than rewarded with a blanket of flowers so beautiful I wanted to drink it in! I settled for a madcap double act of camera and taking video with my phone because I wanted to try out my new gadget (a DJI Osmo Mobile) to have a go at getting some dreamy smooth walking shots. With apologies to the friends we walked with – I hope conversation wasn’t too bitty as I employed every sense and a couple of technological ones to try and inhale as much as possible of the flashing patches of sunlight, uncurling ferns peeping between the thousands of dainty flower fairies.

A was insistent that she wanted to wear ‘a dress to match the bluebells’ instead of the wellies and raincoat I suggested. As usual, she was right. I’m glad she picked this lovely dress from our favourites, Palava, as it’s probably the last time it will fit those lengthening limbs! She was positively camouflaged in the woodland.

Photo 01-05-2018, 10 11 34Photo 01-05-2018, 10 11 43Photo 01-05-2018, 14 27 09

Such a beautiful morning, rounded off with a hearty lunch in the cafe; and of course home with a stash of lovely produce from the farm. Pop it in your diaries for next year if you are local!

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