To Baby D, at One

Oh Bug, I can’t believe you are one year old! All of the cliches are true: like ‘where did that year go?’ and ‘who is this little person where there was once a baby?!’. You are very much your own person – an oversize bundle of little person already growing out of your 18-24 month clothes.


I love the way you return to me like a home base on your little crawling adventures, nuzzling your head in my lap and smiling to yourself. It has to be on your own terms though – any mummy or daddy instigated cuddles turn into wrestling matches as you fight for nearby buttons, doors, or more buttons.

I’m so glad you have found your love of food, it took patience and gentle encouragement. Still now you like to explore with your fingers and test textures warily before licking, and before committing to something new. You are happiest being in charge of the fork, and its often for the best just to do away with your clothes when you eat. Luckily we’ve been having the hottest summer so you’ve barely been in a t-shirt – and were most indignant when we put trousers on you when the weather changed this week!

You are already proving to be quite the conversationalist, whether through ‘dada’, ‘mama’ (for ‘more’) or the constant stream of chatter; or the signs growing in frequency for ‘finished’, ‘pick me up’, ‘hello’, or your little joke: ‘bed time’; not that you need words to let us know what you do and don’t like, your will is already quite apparent!

This year will bring new adventures for you, as mummy heads back to work and we make new friends of your own in our days together. You are starting now to find your feet.





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