Hello, welcome to my blog, a little place with inclusive food and flavours from our ‘free from’ family.

Carly Talbot

I’m Carly, a foodie, management consultant and part time ‘coeliactivist’. This is where I share memories, small milestones and family moments through the things we make, eat, do, and the places we go. I have over 9 years of cooking & eating gluten free under my belt (literally), and over 4 without dairy and egg as we manage both coeliac (me) and food allergies (the children) in the family. I have an AfN accredited Diploma in Nutrition and a keen interest in photography.

Photo 18-01-2018, 14 50 06

Sometimes you’ll see peeks of my husband, T; 4-year-old A; and her brother Baby D and our life in Windsor here; but mostly there is me, and cake. There is often cake.

I hope you find joy and maybe a little simple inspiration here, whether you need to follow a ‘free from’ diet just fancy a little nosey at someone else’s life.

You can find more serious geekery over at The Coeliactivist, and please do connect with me either on this blog, or via Twitter or Instagram where I’m regularly active. I welcome collaboration, and opportunities to create colourful, original content with new friends and brands big and small who share our love of food and fun.

Photo 18-01-2018, 14 57 28Photo 14-01-2018, 15 11 54Photo 18-01-2018, 13 30 02

Photo credits: Serendipity Bakes & Wander for a While

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